Traditional Aikido of SSU


SSU Aikido Class

Sonoma State University
Department of Kinesiology
School of Science and Technology

Kines 101: Aikido (open to SSU students only)
Instructor: Julian Shay, Certified Junior Instructor, Takemusu Aikido Assoc.
1.0 Unit CR/NC Only

Julian has been training under Tatoian Sensei and Kennedy Sensei since 2002. Instructor and dojo-cho at Sonoma State University. He has served as uchi deshi with Hitohira Saito Shihan in Iwama, Japan.

SSU Aikido Club and inMotion Class (Bryan Sardoch, Nidan):

Sardoch2nd dan Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shuren Kai, 1st dan Aikikai.  Training in aikido since 2001, Sardoch earned his Aikikai black belt studying under Dennis Tatoian Sensei in Rohnert Park.  In 2004, Sardoch moved to Iwama Japan to study under Saito Hitohira Soke — first as a short term live-in student then as a long term student living outside the dojo — until his return to the United States in 2006 after earning his 2nd dan.  Sardoch teaches Aikido as part of the Sonoma State University Recreation Center’s inMotion program.  Check their website for class times:

inMotion Schedule

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